Annual Outing 2022: Sudley Castle Gardens, Gloucestershire, Sunday 3rd July 2022

We have rearranged this visit, which was originally planned for 2020

We will be visiting Sudeley Castle, near Winchcombe, where we will enjoy the Castle’s magnificent gardens, including the herb garden, Tudor physic garden and knot garden.

The herb garden was created by Sir Roddy Llewellyn in 2011 and comprises six garden beds, each focusing on a different aspect of herb use. The Tudor physic garden is home to the plants that were used to create medicines and cures during the Tudor period, when Katherine Parr lived at Sudeley, before the advent of modern medicine.

We will also be able to visit the Castle and its really excellent exhibitions.

Further details of the outing have been sent to all current Herb Group members.

Image: copyright R ferroni2000, reproduced under CC BY-SA 4.0 licence via Wikimedia Commons